Shopping List Creator

In an effort to make your life simpler, Summer Table comes with a Smart Phone App, which creates a shopping list from recipes in the book. With every recipe there is a QR code (a matrix barcode), and by scanning the code with your smartphone, it will create a shopping list for that recipe on your phone. You can then cross off the items you already have in your pantry or fridge, and go shopping.

If you are really organised and decide on your menu plan for the week, you can scan a number of recipes, and this will create a comprehensive shopping list of all the items you need, sorted within the supermarket sections. It allows you to also add items to your list like milk, bread or washing powder.

To gain free access to the Hello Table Shopping List Creator, please access the App via App Store or Google Play and download onto your phone. When asked to register with your unique book number, refer to the number on the bottom right hand corner on the inside of the back cover of the book. Not only will you get access to the shopping list creator but it will also provide you with all the recipes on your phone for when you are out and about.



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