Summer TABLE

Your guide to making fast, delicious and healthy meals for every night of Summer. Summer Table provides the answers to the age old question – “What’s for dinner tonight?”

To make your life simpler, every recipe is accompanied with a QR code. A world first. A quick scan of the code with your smartphone will create a shopping list for that recipe on your phone. If you are really organised and decide on your menu plan for the week, you can scan a number of recipes to create a comprehensive shopping list of all the items you need, sorted within the supermarket sections.

Hardcover with 224 pages
Release date: September 2014
ISBN: 9780992529123



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5.00 out of 5
(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Summer TABLE

  1. Craig


    Dear Jodie, I have just received a copy of your book “Summer Table”. I’m over the moon. It’s like a revelation when it comes to cook books. Just wanted to say thank you for my new “bible” in the kitchen. I can’t wait for your next instalment. Wishing you the best for Christmas, as you made mine special. Best wishes, Craig. Guildford NSW

  2. Karyn


    Every page I turned lead me to another mouth watering picture and a family friendly, nutritious and delicious recipe.
    Jodie Blight has written a beautiful book that uses the ingredients in my pantry and that my whole family will enjoy
    The perfect addition to my cookbook collection Summer Table is a great ‘go to’ book that has summer cooking wrapped up! Karyn, Mount Martha VIC

  3. Sharon


    Summer Table has managed to put the zest back into my kitchen (which has been lacking for some time now). My husband, who loves his food, thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread. What I like about the recipes is that they are easy to follow right from the very basic ones up to the more involved ones. If I can follow it, then anyone can follow it! I didn’t use the app at first because I am a retiree and not that way inclined but WOW! How simple and makes shopping so much easier. I don’t forget things anymore. It is an all round great cookbook.

  4. Kate


    What a fantastic book!!! I love the recipes, they are all so simple to follow and just taste wonderful. And with the app it couldn’t be easier. This cookbook may be called Summer Table but I will definitely be referring to it all year round. It is a must for any home cook who wants delicious, easy to follow meal ideas at their fingertips. Love It!!!!!

  5. Melissa


    I am not a cook by any means, I actually don’t like cooking very much! However this cookbook is amazing! The recipes are so simple, with normal food that you have in your pantry, not exotic stuff. Even though the recipes are simple the food is divine! My favourite so far is the five spice chicken. It tastes divine and is so easy! Highly recommended for novice cooks.
    Melissa, Wyndham Vale VIC

  6. geoff
    5 out of 5


    HI all are these recipes for a fan forced oven

    • Jodie Blight


      Hi Geoff, yes all temperatures are for fan forced oven. If not fan forced, increase temp by 15C or so.

  7. Robyne Lillyman
    5 out of 5


    Hello Jodie. I’m trying to find where to obtain your stunning book “ Summer Table “ for Xmas gifts.

    • Jodie Blight


      So sorry Robyne, I missed your message so obviously a bit late for Christmas. I think all the book stores have sold out, there may be 1 or 2 at Dymmocks. Otherwise the best place is via this website. I have a few I held back to sell direct. Please feel free to message me a and I can arrange for you (and happy to offer a discount if you are buying a few copies). Thanks so much for your support. Jodie

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