Conversion Charts

Oven temperatures
All these recipes were tested using a fan-forced oven. If you are using a conventional oven, the rough rule of thumb is to add 10–20°C to the recommended temperature. Every oven behaves differently, so factor in your knowledge of your own oven. The temperatures provided are a guide only.

Conversion Chart

(fan-forced oven)
(conventional oven)
100°120°250°1Very Slow
140°160°325°3Moderate Slow
170°190°375°5Moderate Hot
210°230°450°7Very Hot
230°250°500°8Very Hot

All measurements are using Australian standard measurements. I have provided these conversions as a guide and have rounded measurements when needed. While these conversions are not exact, the difference will not have an impact on the recipe. Keep in mind that:
1 Australian tablespoon = 4 teaspoons (different to elsewhere in the world)
1 Australian cup = 250ml

LIQUIDMetric AustralianImperial USA
1 Teaspoon5 ml1/6 fl oz
1 tablespoon20 ml2/3 fl oz
1/4 cup60 ml2 fl oz
1/3 cup80 ml2 ¾ fl oz
1/2 cup125 ml4 fl oz
1 cup250 ml8 fl oz
4 cups1 litre (1000 ml)32 fl oz
Metric (g/kg)Imperial (oz/lb)
30 g1 oz
60 g2 oz
75 g2½ oz
100 g3½ oz
115 g4 oz (¼ lb)
140 g5 oz
175 g6 oz
200 g7 oz
225 g8 oz (½ lb)
250 g9 oz
310 g11 oz
400 g14 oz
500 g (½ kg)16 oz (1 lb)
650 g1½ lb
800 g1¾ lb
1 kg2 lb
1.5 kg3 lb
2 kg4 lb